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Best 5 Snaptube Alternative Apps You Never Knew About

Top 5 Alternative of Snaptube App: - In this world where people are living with a lot of application, and this is not yet stop it. Every day there are many new application arise with different features. And it is because, people using android or IOS are like to update with new latest application, people are just curious and awaiting for new application so they can enjoy it. People are very choosy when it comes to choose any application for their device and it becomes worst when there are alternative of any app. People like to go with that app by looking that features.

An now when its about application so we can not forget about the app called "Snaptube". In very few time of launch, Snaptube has taken over the world. Users of Snaptube from all over the world are enjoying its features. Rating of Snaptube goes up day by day with increasing its users everyday. Snaptube is available on google with some awesome features like earlier we could not able to watch our favorite video offline but now with the use of Snaptube we can download video while watching it. 

Snaptube is a video downloader application for Android that was launch in 2014 and right now it is available in popular app stores like Uptodown.com, Aptoide.com, and UC 9Apps store. But for some reason it is not available on play store but Snaptube apk is available on google and you can easily download from net. Even in our previous post we also provided some direct link through which you can download snaptube apk for free. 
Click Here

But it is not end here, on google adwords Snaptube has more than 65000 search in daily months and it is increasing day by day. For those who like to surf video online Snaptube is a great app which comes with great features so you can stream and even download video from Snaptube. For those who still did not download this app, now they can download this app from the above link we provided.

5 Snaptube Alternative Apps You Never Knew About 

When it comes to download and stream movie or video through app then the first thing which comes in our mind is video downloader apps. But as we mentioned above that Snaptube is best app if you wants to download any of your favorite movie. But still there is one problem which is that Snaptube is till not available for every devices like you can use Snaptube in IOS devices. So people who have iPhone are still in a race to download any best video downloader. 

But as you know that we always comes with the solution of your problem and this problem should have to be solved so anyone can enjoy streaming and downloading video. The solution of this problem is quit easy if you just following us because we makes solution of each and every problem like we also update information for every new incoming app and many apps which are not available on google play store we try to provide directs link to all over so every one can download apk of that file.
So if topic is about choosing alternative of Snaptube so you can enjoy similar function as Snaptube in your device (not android).


Vidmate is a popular app for the downloading movies, videos and songs and help you to watch videos without any internet. Vidmate app has the capacity to download unlimited videos and it also has more than 200 television channels which you can stream free. Vidmate app is downloaded and enjoyed by millions of mobile users from all over the world.

Features of Vidmate:-
1. Vidmate allow you to watch movies or videos in different formats like MP4, FlV, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG etc. 
2. Vidmate allow you, so you can download various television channels as well. 

YTB Youtube Downloader

YouTube Downloader is the fastest free video downloader, through which you can download videos from YouTube. YTD Download and convert videos into avi video format or into mp4 and compatible with iPad, iPhone also.
You can download High Quality videos, High Definition and Full HD videos from YouTube. Youtube Downloader HD is a Freeware!


ClibGrab got this name for its reason because it actually grab the video for you which you wants to download and put that video in your download folder.

Features Of ClipGrab:-
1. ClipGrab is not only a video downloader but it also convert video format for you.
2. ClipGrab is support in YouTube, Vimeo and dailymotion.


KeepVid is for IOS user who wants to use same features as Snaptube has but Snaptube app is till not available for IOS user. So, people who uses iPhone download this app for streaming or downloading any video.

Features Of KeepVid:-
1. It keeps you safe from virus.
2. It takes very low space in your device.


SaveFrom.net is not any application, it just a site which you can use in your any mobile browser. It is also support in YouTube, which means you can download any video direct from YouTube or any other famous site.

Features Of SaveFrom.net:-
1. Must features is that it support in all the device so it is no matter what device you are using you can either download video through android device or also through iPhone.
2. No need to download any app just go with the site SaveFrom.net.

It is quit amazing that with the presence of this big competition Snaptube has maintain its top position. Hope  soon this app will launch and get available on google play store. Till then you can enjoy Snaptube app, by downloading Snaptube apk from the above link we provided. Thanks for visiting at our site http://www.isnaptubeapk.com/ and if you like this post helpful so please do share on your facebook wall. And we promise that we will continuing to give you are services and provide you 100% information about any latest application.

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Download Snaptube app | PC, Windows 8, 10

Download Snaptube App For PC: - Looking for Snaptube app for iPhone, Snaptube app for PC or Snaptube app for Android then you are on correct place here you will get all the satisfaction of your need about Snaptube. It is a recently popularity getting app in android market which increase the competition among related app. In now a days we are living in a application's world where there are lots of applications available in the google play store which allow us to perform different function as our needs.

So here in this article we are going to provide some information of such awesome known as Snaptube. It is one of those app which is actually discovered for video's lover or who likes to stream online videos. There are many apps or sites which allow you to stream online videos or movies but why it gained its popularity, there is a reason behind it and the reason is its different features which are unique and not available in any other app.
Many of our friends are regular asking for link to download snaptube app for pc. So here we have some information about snaptube with its download link.

Snaptube For Pc

Snaptube app allow you to watch any type of video or movie online. It is for video lover who likes to watch video songs online. There are many other app which is provide watching online features but it is better than all these. So for making it easy for you all we are going to provide some suitable links on our this post which helps you to download Snaptube apk file because for some reasons Snaptube app is not available on google play store. But do not worry you can still enjoy the features of Snaptube app because now you can download Snaptube apk  from here which is free of cost.

Below we are going to give some important information about Snaptube app which will help you to use Snaptube app. And also going to provide some links from where you can download it.

About Snaptube | Online Movie Streaming App

Snaptube app is very popular which is loved by millions of its users all around the world, but as we said Snaptube app is not available on google play store due to which it becomes difficult for many people to use Snaptube. But we have provide snaptube apk file with the direct links below in this post through which you can download the Snaptube app and thus get advantage of its Superb features.

Snaptube not only allow you to stream any online video but also its allow you to download videos form famous sites like YouTube, because of this feature of Snaptube app raised itself different from other apps which is available with same kind of features. Snaptube also confirm its user to download any videos in while watching it and then watch it any time by offline mode.

Many other apps like Snaptube allow you to stream any online videos but they apps do not has features like Snaptube app. You can save videos or download it and watch at your time. Some times it becomes difficult for us to watch any video online when we are travelling or out of station but with this app you can Download and Watch online streaming videos on Snaptube App and save it for later.

Developer of Snaptube design it in a way so you can stream online video not only on WiFi or 4g but also it allow you can stream video in you 2g or 3g data. No need to recharge your data with 4g network you can easily watch any online video in 2g data because Snaptube offers its user to watch any video in different quality like from 144p to high quality.

Snaptube is available for all kind of devices so if you want to download Snaptube on PC then here in this post we are going to provide some steps for it.

Basic Features Of Snaptube

Here are some basic features that we are going to present from which you will get more information about Snaptube app. The features which is available with Snaptube hardly you will find in any other app.
Snaptube For Pc Download
  • First of all Snaptube is available in very small size which is brilliant because other apps like Snaptube app  is available in market is very large in size they take big space in your device which sometimes disturb your phone, but not now Snaptube will take very little space in your device and serve you its services.
  • Another feature of Snaptube is that it give facility of auto categorization which helps you to find any kind of video in few moments. So you can find any type of video with just clicking on the category of video like if you wants to watch any TV serial so you can choose the category of Daily episode there you will get all kind of TV serials.
  • Third feature makes you to love this app and the feature is that when you will be watching any online video then you will not going to face any problem related to google ads. So you can watch any video ads free not like other apps which interrupts you while watching any video.
  • And the fourth feature is that if it not allow any ads then its a promise form snaptube that it will definitely not give you any problem related pop ups.
  • Fifth feature is that it offers you to download your any favorite video in different format like you can also download any video in mp3 format.
  • Last but not the least feature is that its just about 3 or 4 mb not like other big apps which take more space.

Download Snaptube for PC

As we mentioned above that Snaptube available for all kind of devices so people wants to use it in their PC because it become so difficult to search any video on google with YouTube so here is the solution of this problem that now you can use in your PC. Below we are going to upload some links from which you can download Snaptube app for PC.
But for using Snaptube for PC you just have to follow some steps to Download Free Snaptube apk for PC

Just follow some steps below

Download Snaptube

  • First of all you need to install the software Bluestack in your PC, don't worry if still you do not have Bluestack then you can download it from its official site.
  • After successfully installing of Bluestack in your PC now open it and add share-it in it. After this share Snaptube app from your phone to your PC through Bluestack.
  • After receiving the file, install it in your PC and
  • After successful installing restart your PC and just enjoy Snaptube in your PC free.
  • Now  you do not need to search videos on youtube which take time you can easily access Snaptube in your PC and enjoy free streaming.
That's all you have to do for run Snaptube app for PC now you can enjoy all the features of Snaptube in PC.

Snaptube app for Windows


Snaptube is the only app which is used by millions of user in very short time and it is very beautiful app for any video lover. You can watch any video at any time and at any place because its even work in 2g data network. But till unfortunately Snaptube app for windows is not available in market, but soon it will be available as it is available for android devices. Till then you can use related app like Snaptube in your iPhone.

For more information about Snaptube apk for iPhone click on the given link.

Final Words

So here we are complete with all the details about Snaptube app. Hope you will all satisfy with the information about Snaptube apk for PC and Windows 10. After considering all the fact we conclude that Snaptube is one of the best app in streaming online video and your favorite movie. So if you are going to choose best app for streaming online videos then we suggest you to Download Snaptube apk for best experience of streaming videos.

Hope you liked this post if you have any query ask in comment box. Or for more detail about snaptube visit at http://www.isnaptubeapk.com/.

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Download Snaptube Apk for Android (App), PC Free Latest Version

Snaptube Apk Download - Hello Friends and welcome to our post in which we have mainly focused  to provide the links to download snaptube app for android and PC and that too for free. In the world where we live, we are surrounded by a no. of applications which allows us to perform different functions right on our smartphone or PC.
Snaptube is also an application which enables its users to stream through millions of videos and also provides an option to download the videos so that we can watch them even without an internet connection. So below we have given some information about Snaptube apk and also provided links so that you can easily download snaptube apk for your smartphone and as well as for your PC.
Do checkout all about snaptube free download on our friends site snaptubeapk2016.com


As we have stated earlier snaptube is a simple and a useful application which is made for those who love watching videos online. With snaptube installed on your phone, you can't only stream videos but you can also download your favorite videos so that you can watch them even when you aren't connected to internet.

Snaptube is one most popular application which is loved by millions of users across the world, but unfortunately this application isn't available on Google playstore due to which it becomes difficult for many people to use it. Hence we have provide snaptube apk file along with the links below in this post through which you can easily download snaptube app for android and thus get indulge in its interactive features.

Snaptube app is made for every video addict around the world who loves watching videos and TV shows online. This app comes with a simple and a friendly user interface which makes it easy to separate your favorite videos among millions of available videos. Snaptube categorize all the videos according to their genre which makes it easy to find and stream a particular video. Thus snaptube is an app which can fulfill your all video watching desires.

Snaptube Video downloader is a one top solution to download videos and audios directly on your device with the help of Snaptube app. As we all know, YouTube is the most popular site for watching videos related to different categories.But there is drawback of using YouTube as it doesn't let us download videos along with watching them on our PC or smartphone.

Due to which it becomes impossible for us to watch our favorite videos when we are not connected to internet. This situation becomes worse when we are travelling somewhere outside where there is no available internet source. This is the situation where snaptube comes to rescue, as already discussed above snaptube allows its users to watch and download the videos of their choice


Snaptube app offers a no. of features to its users. some of them are :-
Snaptube Apk
  • Snaptube lets you stream videos from a wide collection of videos available on this app.
  • Its provides an option of downloading videos of your choice with a single click.
  • The app comes with a simple and a friendly user interface which is enough to attract users towards it.
  • It is automatically categorizes videos based on there genre due to which it becomes quite easy to find or stream a particular video.
  • Snaptube doesn't annoy its users, as it comes with no advertisement which makes this app amazing.
  • Along with no advertisement policy, It also doesn't going to trouble you with popups.
  • Snaptube also lets you stream videos with the desired quality so that you won't suffer any problem even in a slow internet connection.
  • Snaptube is fast, simple and easy to use when its comes to streaming your desired videos.


As we have already mentioned above that snaptube is an android application but its is not available on play store due to some reasons. Therefore the user needs to download it as an apk file from external sources. Below we have given link  to download snaptube apk file.

Steps to install snaptube app on your android device :-
Snaptube For Android
  1. First you will need to have snaptube APK file in your phone in order to install snaptube in it. So to download snaptube apk just click on the above link and the downloading will start automatically.
  2. Once the downloading gets completed, just double click on the downloaded file and follows the steps to install snaptube on your phone.
  3. After completing the installation process, all you need to do is open the app and start enjoying videos of your choice. Remember you can download them too and that too with a single click.


Along with android phone, snaptube is also available for PC, With download snaptube for pc being installed on your PC you wouldn't have to worry about searching videos online on youtube and other sites because after installing snaptube you can get all the videos with the help of it quite easily. Snaptube makes it easy to search and stream videos of your choice and along with that it also allow users to download videos of their choice.

But before installing Snaptube for PC, you would need to look after a few requirements which are necessary to run snaptube on your PC. These are :-

Snaptube Download
You must have 4GB RAM on your PC, along with this you should have HD divers being installed on your PC which provides high graphic resolution that will enhance your video viewing experience.

Once you have fulfilled these requirements, you just have to go through the steps we have stated below to install and Download Snaptube apk for PC.

Following are the steps to install Snaptube in your PC :-
  • Step 1) first of all you will need to have Bluestack Software being installed on your PC. If you haven't install it yet then you can download this software form its official site and install it on your computer.
  • Step-2)  For installing bluestacks on your PC, you will need to open the installation file of bluestacks which you have downloaded from its official site. After this just follow the on-screen instructions to install bluestacks software and you will be ready to use it for further purposes.
  • Step-3) Now just run the software for the first time and then setup the initial things. Afterwards you will need to enter the name of the app in the search tool which you want to install on your PC. As you feed in the name of the app, links will appear on your screen to download to specified app.
  • Step-4) Just click on the desired link and open it with google chrome to find snaptube APK there.
  • Step-5) Hit on the official website of the Snaptube app and then download the APK file from the given source. Or click here to Snaptube APK file.
  • Step-6) Once you are done downloading the snaptube APK file, you will just need to follow the installation process in order to install the Snaptube app on your PC.
That's it! This was the complete procedure to download snaptube app on your PC. Just go through the above mentioned steps to download,install and run snaptube app on your PC.


Snaptube App
Snaptube is a useful application which is made for those who are fond watching movies, video songs, TV shows etc. As already discussed, Snaptube app is available for Android phones and as well as for PCs. But unfortunately snaptube hasn't launched it's official app for iphones at the time of writing this article. It is quite bad news for all iPhone users as it would have been great to have snaptube on iPhone because of such amazing features it contains.

If in future, Snaptube app becomes available for IOS then we will inform you about that. But here in this post we will be writing about some apps which are similar to snaptube and are also available for iPhone users.


Just like iPhone Snaptube isn't also available on windows platform, as Snaptube hasn't launched its app for Windows phone. But we will inform you as soon as snaptube makes its app available for windows phone.


Snaptube is a great app to watch videos of your choice and to download the same. It contains a huge collection of videos from various categories like sports, Bollywood, Hollywood etc. Along with streaming videos it also allows you to download them easily on your phone and PC. Every Snaptube user can use this feature to download videos of their choice belonging to different categories. It provides you high downloading speed and better interface.

Here are the steps to download videos from Snaptube :-
  • Step 1) In order to download a video from Snaptube Download, you will first have to search that video in the search tool of Snaptube app. For that just type the name of the video in the search box and find the video in the search results.
  • Step 2) After searching the video of your choice in the search tool. You will need to click on the video and it will start streaming.
  • Step 3) As the video continues streaming in the app, you will see a download option at the bottom of the snaptube app. Now to download the video, just click on that option and the downloading will start automatically.
After completing the downloading, All you need to do is click on the video and enjoy it whenever and wherever you want.


There are a no. of apps available in playstore which are quite similar to snaptube. Just like snaptube these application also let you download videos directly to your device. But snaptube has some amazing features which differ it form other apps available in the market. So below we have given a proper description about the apps which are similar to snaptube along with their features.

TubeMate - TubeMate app is a android application which is used by a no. of people for downloading  YouTube videos directly to their devices so that they can enjoy them anywhere they want even when they do not have a internet connection linked to their device. TubeMate is really easy to use and understand, While using TubeMate you just need to search a video in the search box and click the next button. For downloading that video, you just need to select the preferred quality of video and click on the download button. The downloaded videos will be saved to the SD card of your device by default but you can move that video anywhere you want.

YTD - YTD is also an application for PC which allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Google video and many other sites. It can also be used as a video converter with which you can easily covert videos in various formats. YouTube downloader lets you download videos of your choice from home, office etc with help of an internet connection.

KeepVid - KeepVid is an another application through which we can easily save videos to our SD card and can watch them later even when we don't have an internet connection or we are travelling somewhere. Thus it is a very helpful app for those who want to share videos among their friends. 
Above we have given information about some apps which could be used as an alternative for snaptube. But a few features differ snaptube from these apps and these features are :-
  • With snaptube app you cannot only download videos from youtube only but also can download videos from other sites.
  • Snaptube carries an amazing feature which automatically categories videos according to their genre
  • Snaptube has a unique and a simple user interface.


Below we have share some review's of snaptube
Snaptube app download
  • Snaptube is an application which enables you to stream million of videos with a single click.
  • It allows you to download your favorite videos in MP3 (audio format) and well as in MP4 (video format).
  • With snaptube you can easily search videos by using suitable keywords, snaptube app allows you to stream videos in your desired video quality based on the speed of your internet connection.
  • Snaptube has a great feature that automatically categorizes videos according to there genre.
  • Snaptube also aware you about the latest and the popular videos thus making our work quite easy. 
  • Manage all videos in a single place with the snaptube app.
In short snaptube carriers all the features of a good video viewing app and it is a great app to have in your Phone and as well as in your PC. All the features we have mentioned in this post proves that snaptube is among the most useful and advantageous app in today's generation.


So this was our post about Snaptube app in which we have provided a complete guide about Snaptube along with its featuresHope you liked this post but if you don't then let us know in the comment section below and we will do something in this favor.
And if you somehow find out this post helpful then don't forget to share it among your friends or on social media. 
Keep visiting our blog http://www.isnaptubeapk.com/ for more updates about many more helpful and amazing applications. 

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Download Snaptube App For Mac, iOS, iPhone

Download Snaptube For Mac, IOS, iPhone: - Hello friends we are back to you all with our this new post which is delivered to you by our team. And like you know we are always providing many post related to popular apps, Same like before, today we are going to publish some of information about Snaptube app, which is very popularity getting app in now a days. 

In our this post we have mainly focused to provide you direct links to download snaptube apk for android and Snaptube apk for IOS, Snaptube App for Mac and Snaptube app for iPhone. There are many application which is available in android market which allow their user to stream online videos, Snaptube is one of that app which allow you to watch videos online even you can download your favorite video without any internet connection.

But unfortunately Snaptube app is not available on google play store, so people who wants to use this app facing problem to download it but not now, here our in this post we are providing some best links from where you can download Snaptube apk for android free

About Snaptube App: -

Snaptube is a free app which is available for those who love to watch online videos, snaptube app is very simple to use with its superb features. And Snaptube is not only the video streaming app but you can watch your favorite videos when you are not connected with any internet connection because snaptube comes with with the feature so that you can download your any video and can watch it anytime.

There are many famous site of watching online videos like YouTube, it allows you to watch any video but there is a drawback of YouTube that you can not download the video which you like. But here we get the solution of this problem so you can not only watch your favorite video video but also can download that video in minutes.

Snaptube is very comfortable and reliable app which has some unique features which is loved by all around the world of its user, Snaptube allow you to download videos form famous sites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, this feature of Snaptube app makes it different from other apps. Snaptube allow its user to watch any videos in offline mode, people can download their videos before and watch their videos whenever they wants.

Snaptube is available for all kind of devices like Mac, iOS and iPhone so you can enjoy Snaptube in any device. Snaptube app complete your all needs of watching online videos. It is very useful app for those user who can not afford more 3g or 4g data because Snaptube allow their user to stream any video in different resolution like 240p to hd quality so you can watch any of video in 2g data also.

It comes to you with alot of features and one of them is categorization of video. In Snaptube videos are divided into different category like  sports category, TV shows and other episodes, so you will not going face any problem in searching some videos.

Below links available for you to download: -

Features of snaptube app: -

Snaptube app has some brilliant features which makes it different form other app, there are so many feature of snaptube we are going to discuss below:-
  • Snaptube allow to stream video in 2g data network because its allow different resolution to watch online videos.
  • It allows you to download your favorite video in just one click and you can download it in multiple way.
  • Snaptube app automatically categorize all the videos so it becomes easy to find any of your videos.
  • It comes with a great function that it will not show any ads while watching video and even not pop ups.
  • Snaptube app is fast and easy to use because of it tiny size, it not take much space like other app it is available in just 1 or 2 mb.

Steps to download video from snaptube app

It is quite easy to download video from snaptube app, just follow below steps to download any video from snaptube.
  • First click on the icon of snaptube app and open it.
  • After that at the top of the app you will have a option of search. there you can search video which you wants to download.
  • After searching if you find your video or you can also choose from categories just click on that video and wait while it play.
  • After when that video starts playing you will get the option of download in the bottom of app.
  • Just click on that option and download any video in different format in which you wants to download it.
And you can select the path where you want to store your downloaded videos, so you can find them easily in one place.

Download snaptube app for Mac

As we already discussed above about snaptube app, which is quite a wondering app for those who love to watch online videos. And it is available for Android and PC users only but unfortunately it is till not available for the user who hold Macbook. It is sad news for macbook users and they will not not able to take advantage of such great app like Snaptube. But Macbook user you can have to worry because if snaptube is not available for Mac so you download apps similar as snaptube apk.

Like Macbook user can go with the app called TubeMate which is same as snaptube app. You can watch any of your favorite video through this app too.
But for android user it is fully available and you can download it from our this post just click on the link below

Just click on above link and download snaptube app for android and enjoy its features.
As we mentioned in our above para that snaptube download is not available for the Macbook same problem with iOS. But soon it will be available for all the iOS user. But till it not available for iOS user so iOS choose another option like they should go with YTD.
YouTube downloader is another app to download video from YouTube. Through this app you can download video from YouTube while watching videos.
But soon snaptube for iOS will be there for you.

Snaptube download for iPhone

Snaptube app is for those who love to watch online videos. But unfortunately the features of snaptube is not available iPhone. But soon the snaptube app  will be available for iPhone till then they can download the app called KeepVid. It is an another app through which you can download video from famous sites and save it on your SD card and watch it later. Soon snaptube app will be available for every iPhone user and then snaptube for iPhone will be there for you.

Review about snaptube app:-

Review towards snaptube app coming from all over world. User of snaptube appreciates the features of it.  It comes which some great features like auto categorization of video so you can easily find any of your video and many more things.
But there are also some query about snaptube app from their user that some videos are does not available on snaptube app, but there is a solution of this problem that if you can not be able to find any video so you can use the app YTD(YouTube Downloader) from this you can find your favorite video on YouTube and download it through YTD.


Here we are done with our post in which we provided some information about snaptube in which we tried to provide all the information about how to use snaptube app, how to download video from snaptube app. After this all we concluded that snaptube is the best app to watch any video online from all other apps. 
It has some great features that other applications does not has which make it different from others. And this app is beating all other apps in all android market and gaining very much popularity. So we are done here, if you will have any query about snaptube apk then you can do ask in comment below. Thank you and for latest update keep checking our blog isnaptubeapk.com